Welcome To The Purpose Village

Equipping the present to empower generations

Hey love! I'm Loresha. 

Holistic childcare owner

Intentional Living Consultant & Strategist for mom service based business owners

And now the curator of this premier community and private off social media safe space

Comprised of two communities, our mission here is simple:

To build up the next generation by cultivating the lives, homes, and businesses of the most influential people in a child's life.

Which community will you do life with us in?

The Purpose Village (COMING FALL 2024)

It's time to get back to our villages! Somewhere along the way, we began isolating ourselves when life got too hard, burying our baggage instead of unpacking it and covering our wounds instead of cleaning them. 

We stopped going to the source and started seeking resources that caused us to lose the parts of ourselves needed to fuel the generations after us. No more! 

TPV is the safe space and village that we've all been missing. We're having real conversations, unlearning, relearning and strengthening ourselves, families, communities and businesses. From faith to finances, mindset to marriage, parenting to purpose and everything in between, it's time to do real life with real people again. (Men and women welcomed).

The Intentional Squad (NOW OPEN): This women's only social club has been curated to be an extension of the village to partner exclusively with existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs determined to build intentional lives, homes and businesses. 

We understand the overwhelming demands of juggling business, motherhood, and personal well-being, and that's why we're celebrating and supporting each other while sharing wisdom and resources, making it the perfect safe space to drop our superwoman capes, embrace the power of setting boundaries and prioritizing our priorities without leaving ourselves or families behind. 

No more trying to do it all alone. 

So say goodbye to the never-ending to-do lists and the constant pressure to be perfect. Over here, we embrace our imperfections and strive for intentional living in every area of our lives.

Thriving in Intention (Premium Coaching Services for Trailblazing Women of God)

We don't hustle our way to our next levels. 

We honor ourselves and everything attached to us the whole way there.

In this community, you can expect to receive premium one on one and group coaching services, self-paced intentional living courses, workshops, masterclasses and challenges to help you cultivate your calling, propel you into your purpose and build an intentionally aligned life and business without leaving yourself, family, or God behind. 

No matter which one community (or communities) that you choose, one thing's for certain; the generations behind you will be better because of the decision you made today. 

See you inside!